The Beauty of Chalk Painted Furniture…

When looking for furniture to Chalk Paint, you have to remember that what you are looking at is not always the true potential.  You have to think how would this piece look if it was painted.  Usually the answer is, a hundred times better!

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to see the true potential.  You have to look at the barebones of the furniture. Is the furniture in good shape?  Does it have any chips, dents, cracks, or broken pieces?  Most importantly, is the piece of furniture sturdy.

If you can look at the piece and it seems to be in good condition you are in good shape.  Don’t worry too much about the surface, as it will painted with Chalk Paint.  Also remember, the great thing about Chalk Paint is the ability to just paint without any sanding or prepping.

But before starting, I usually go over the piece of furniture with a link free rag, such as an old t-shirt.  This helps remove any dust or debris that may have been sitting on the piece.

So the next question is…..

How else can a piece of furniture go from looking like this….


Coffee Table Before


To this???


Coffee Table - After

With the help of Chalk Paint!

With Chalk Paint you have the capability to take a piece of furniture that you would assume to be garbage, into something you would be proud to have in your home.

Chalk Painted Coffee Table After

Using Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk Paint I painted two coats of Chalk Paint on the coffee table. Then, I painted over  the top and the side of the table with a wet paint brush that had Old White and used the same brush to apply the Clear Wax. This gave it the two toned look that it has.  After that, I used a sand block to do the distressing.


Chalk Painted Coffee Table After

Everyone can not believe the difference..

Not so bad for a coffee table that was literally once a piece of trash!

Enjoying Summer…

As summer is running full speed ahead.. We are taking some time, to slow life down.. and when we can and stop and enjoy it!

photo 1

My Son and I Enjoying the Ocean.

Since we live in South Florida and most of the summer days are so hot.. This one in particular was not and it was nothing short of beautiful. We decided to have lunch at one of the hotel’s in Ft Lauderdale to enjoy the view, while we ate.

After lunch, we took the little one to the ocean to play. He’s only been in a few times.. But today there was a sandbar that he could enjoy. He had such a great time.

My Husband and Son Enjoying the Ocean.

My Husband and Son Enjoying the Ocean.

We washed the sand off our feet and headed back to the valet for the car. With huge smiles on our face and a happy tired baby in tow.

As we are counting down the summer days.. We are going to enjoy all of the family fun time we can!

photo 4

What a View!

New Window Boxes for Summer…

Newly Installed Window Boxes.. With the New Summer Flowers

Newly Installed Window Boxes.. With the New Summer Flowers

For Summer.. We have another project to make our house a little bit more charming. What is better then window boxes? We live in a neighborhood of little row homes. I have always wanted to add these window boxes to add to the charm.

Summer Window Boxes - Side View

Summer Window Boxes – Side View

After getting the window boxes installed, we went to Home Depot where we picked out various flowering and non flowering foliage. Some that will grow to hang over the side of the boxes, to give the window box the nice full look. After choosing 7 different plants for each box and picking up two huge bags of organic soil mix, the fun began.

My 19 year old and 21 month old son helped with planting the flowers in the boxes. It became a little more interesting when the second story window box needed planting. My oldest son, went upstairs and caught each plant as I threw them from the front yard. It was pretty impressive, we didn’t break or damage one plant.

Then end result beautiful window boxes, that are only going to get nicer looking as the boxes become fuller as the plants mature.

Window Boxes Installed

Window Boxes Installed

Andy, what fun would it be without the kids playing with the hose at the end of a hot day?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Side Table in Old White!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Side Table in Old White.  Super Shabby Chic.  $275

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Side Table in Old White. Super Shabby Chic. $275

So I must confess.. I am acquiring furniture to paint at a very rapid pace.. and painting obviously not as fast as I am acquiring.. But!!! With that said, I am beginning to make some progress and putting my furniture painting back on the front burner.

I am in love with this side table, so much, I hope that no one finds it or buys it and it stays in my living room!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for $275.

Comment or email me for details

Happy 4th of July!!!

4th of July Flag Strawberry Shortcake!


Happy 4th of July!!

We have a lot to be grateful for living in this country the U.S. of A.!

Last night, we picked up this flag decorated strawberry shortcake from WholeFoods to take to a BBQ this afternoon.  The cashiers at WholeFoods made such a big deal over it.. They even told me to think of them as we enjoyed the cake.  Will do!

Enjoy the time with your family & friends and be safe!

Beautiful Things… Shabby Chic Perfume Shelves…

My Perfume Shelves.. Loving the Dried Peonies!!

My Perfume Shelves.. Loving the Dried Peonies!!

I love beautiful things…. This is just one of the many things that makes me happy!

These perfume shelves are on my wall in my master bathroom.  A friend gave me the cute old milk bottles, which I put dried peonies in them…. Mixing it with my perfume bottles..  Giving it the overall perfect mix of the Shabby Chic look that is so adored…

It’s Time for Summer…


Back Patio

Now that summer is here and so is the rain.. this is one of the views we enjoy the most, looking into our back patio.  As we are continuing to do more gardening.  But this picture  shows the beauty of the vines and all the flowers, with a little bit of rain…

Also with summer, comes a list of all the things that still need to be done around the house to make it a little better, bit by bit… Maybe some new wood floors, painting again (Can’t just stick to the same color for too long.. Can we?), some more decor, and of course more chalk painting of furniture.

See you soon with the updates.

Inspiration Wall @ Work

So as I am on countdown.. the last two days at a job that I have worked for 14 Years… Preparing tax returns at a CPA Firm as an Accountant.  I wanted to show you what I had on my wall to keep my inspired to keep moving forward to make changes for the better.. no matter how big or intimidating they are.

This wall received a lot of attention from clients who walked in, it made them stop, think, and smile.

When I became frustrated.. I would read some of the sayings and quotes and think that change is around the corner.

Be patient and good things are to come..

Inspiration Wallphoto 1photo 2

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint – Distressing a Chair

So, I am back to doing what I like to do.  Which is to restore furniture, to that fun shabby chic look.


Chair 1

This is my first time using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.  I was nervous at first.. but then I just kept on painting.

I purchased this chair and I  loved the detail.  I needed something new for my desk. Because upstairs in my loft area, we have a Hickory Chair yellow English rolled arm sofa with pink embroidered flowers, I am trying to go definitely more girlie shabby chic up there.  I started to paint with Annie Sloan’s Antoinette Chalk Paint.  I decided on using two coats to give the chair more coverage and… I thought..  that is what I was supposed to do.  After putting on the first coat on pretty thoroughly, I waited a day then just sparingly put on the second coat.  But after it dried, it looked as if it was still missing something. It was a pink matte chair. No frills, nothing exciting.. I was confused.  It looked hmmm unfinished.

chair 3


I went back to the internet to search for the answer and there is where I found the magic.  The Wax!  I ordered both the clear and the dark wax.  Once it came in a few days later, it didn’t take me very long to figure out the rest.

chair 4

You apply the clear wax very liberally and I used a brush to put it on and then I wiped the excess wax  off with a clean rag.  Then came the intimitnating part.. time for the dark wax.  I have seen it on the internet, and I have heard people say that this dark wax has ruined the project and they had to redo it.  So I began with a brush, slowly but freely.  But to my surprise.. It brought such life to the chair!  All the details and brush marks appeared. I was very pleased.  Finally I took a sand block and began to sand where I wanted the chair to look worn. The overall results were great and as you can see the finished product I am pleased.

Hey there…

meHello! I’m a wife to an amazing man, a mother of an 20 year old son and YES a 2 year old toddler son! How they are so far apart?? I have no idea, just kidding, of course I know how. An accountant by day, but enjoy decorating, doing projects around the house, and maybe a tiny bit of gardening and cooking.  I want to be home with the family, and I am slowly figuring out a way to make it happen. We live in a row home in South Florida, enjoying it most of the year, except the dreaded sticky hot summers.

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