Ohhh Black Friday…



So Thanksgiving has come and gone.. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

For those of us that are still in our pajamas… We know exactly what has gone down today.

Shopping.. Yes Shopping!

No, No, my friend.. We are not talking about running out to the stores immediately after Thanksgiving to find that spectacular deal.. Nope.  We are talking about waking up first thing this morning jumping on the macbook, and scouring the internet for every gift for every person we had in mind.

So far it’s worked out ok.. Yes, there were some deals.  But for what I wanted… only a few were on sale, the others were not.  But did that stop me.. Not so much!

I bought and bought everything I wanted to buy everyone whether on sale or not.. You know why?  Because, I WANT CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE.. FINITO!

So, now that I have most of it done..  I am now going to shower and act like a normal person on a Friday.. Hopefully hop off the computer for the rest of the day..

Unless of course,  I get that one email that temps me to jump right back on to continue to buy!