Oh Christmas Tree…

Christmas Tree 2014

It is that time of year.  The time we love and love to hate.

I love the idea of Christmas, the holidays, and all of the giving of gifts..

But loving the to do list is another question.

This cute little tree my husband picked up from the local Home Depot, has been hiding in the mop bucket full of water in our garage for almost a week.

I love the idea of the Christmas Tree, but bringing it in, all the needles fallen all over the nicely cleaned floors, then to put the strand of  lights on the tree that you for forgot to throw out last year because they didn’t work.  Yes, we all become frustrated.

But after begging for help to decorate and asking the toddler a million times to stop dropping and breaking the glass ornaments on your new floors..  I stop and take a minute to breathe.  To realize that this is the joy of it all and everything is okay.

After all that it’s all over, and you look up and the tree is done! And, we are loving the look and the smell of Christmas.