Having New Wood Floors Installed?? What No One Tells You… That Your House Will Look Like This!!!

So, I have been busy..  Obviously not busy chalk painting..

We have been discussing, deciding, and moving forward with getting hardwood floors installed throughout our entire house.  We started this process back in June.  After lots of looking, we have decided on a distressed white hardwood floor.  We wanted something made in the states and not in China like the other much more affordable wood floors are made.  This said, we placed an order online for Anderson Pickle Barrel Hardwood then had the wood shipped from South Carolina to us in South Florida.

We decided on the lighter floors, because most of our house does not have enough light and a darker floor would only make the rooms appear that much darker.

So about two weeks ago, we had the wood delivered, 65 cartons of it or so.  The shipping company dropped off two pallets of wood in the driveway and my oldest son and husband took it in carton by carton. That alone was an experience.

Before the wood is installed it must sit in the house for a week prior for it to become acclimated to the climate of the house.  Thus, giving my living room a new look..


As you can see, things immediately become cramped.. Yes, space is optional and limited.

So the subcontractors (guys) started ripping out the carpet and installing the wood upstairs Monday.  In the baby’s nursery, hallway, loft, and yesterday finally my oldest son’s room.

So the fun part.. We are excited for the new floors… But NOT excited with what our little adventure has brought us….


Our loft, most of finished.. but as you can see.. It’s upside down..




Our oldest son’s room AKA the Dungeon, it’s a fun room because of the huge bookshelf that encompasses most of his room, the subs have been avoiding this room all week.

The guys couldn’t get his brand new bed apart.. so they decided to flip it on it’s side! That’s what normal people do… Right?


We know you want this to happen in your house!!


Now it’s time for the good news or the bad news..

So… I am an optimistic..

The good news..

Is that the baby’s nursery is done!! Yay!


The bad news…

Is that today is Thursday and the job was to be completed by tomorrow, Friday.. But, the Subs aren’t here yet this morning to continue installing the floor, the upstairs is not completed, and downstairs or the stairs haven’t been touched.. And tomorrow is Friday!

Realistically, we will have them here through the weekend and probably early next week.

With that.. I will post more pics next week!

Have a great weekend!