Adding a Mantel and TV to Our Fireplace…



So this is something that I have a conflict with…

I don’t think that esthetically, that a TV looks good over a fireplace.. BUT… When you have a very narrow living room as I do.. Having the space in the room is much more important or should I say needed.

When we purchased the house, it came with the working fireplace.  But, it never had a mantel.  Just moulding around the fireplace.  So when we decided to hang the TV above the fireplace, it look ridiculous without a mantel.

So I bought this Mantel from a Vintage Salvage Shabby Chic store locally in South FL.  As you can see it was quite a production.


There was no support for the bracket to hang the TV.  Therefore, a hole had to be cut into the drywall..  I must say this part made me nervous.  The contractor affixed wood to the studs.  Once it was secure, he then installed the TV bracket.


Even at this point.. I still was convinced that I did not make the right move.  To be honest.. I told my husband, I think we should take it down, put back the drywall, and move the TV back onto the sideboard where it use to reside on.


But then, I found this gorgeous mantel.. and it made everything soooo much better!  It began to complete the look.

The holes were patched, sanded, and painted.  We installed the molding around the mantel and I suddenly became pleased.



And maybe even, in love…