When Things Don’t Go As Planned….

A few weeks ago I received an email from Restoration Hardware Outlet for an additional 40% off their already reduced prices.  Excited.. I convinced my husband to make the hour and a half trip there.

Once we got there I was in RH overload.  So excited, could have bought everything.  But, decided to behave, instead focusing on botanical prints.  I have been actively looking for a set of four for our master bedroom.  I saw a set of five, with a sign for a set of six.  I went to the counter, explaining that I only need four and the full set of six isn’t on the shelf.  I purchased four botanical prints with the retail price of $595 each, for a total of $200, only $50 each!  Saving $2,180 off of the retail price, I was beyond thrilled!

I went to hardware store to purchase hooks to hang the prints.  I purchased these new ones I found, don’t know what made me purchase them and not the usual ones, but I did.  I even had that funny feeling and knew they didn’t look sturdy.  Wondering how are these going to even hang on these hooks? But, still I purchased them.

I took the measurements and began hanging them.  I was so excited with the results!

Look they are up! Looking good!

Look they are up! Looking good!

My husband and I decided to take a walk with the baby.  When my husband closed the door.. the unimaginable happened!

NO!! Can't Be!

NO!! Can’t Be!

I hear the crashing of the prints coming off the wall breaking onto the floor! I was upset.. My husband apologized and I knew it wasn’t his fault. It was those little funny hooks I decided to purchase without reading their use.

Funny Little Hooks

Funny Little Hooks

With my pouty face.. I pulled the remaining pictures off the wall and placed them away.

After the disaster

After the disaster

A few days passed, my husband said would you like me to drive to RH and purchase the last remaining print they have to replace the one that broke?  I couldn’t believe it.  Three hours in a car with a toddler to buy the print!  Not a whine not a complaint, but pure love to do it for me, just to make me happy.  He did it and I was beyond thrilled!

And look.. with new hooks that actually hold them to the wall.. I am so thrilled with the look!



You know what they say Happy Wife.. Happy Life. Thank goodness for my amazing husband.

Out With the Old.. In With the New.. Well New to ME!


We all have pieces around the house.. That we still love, but are tired of looking at in it’s current state.

This sideboard, I used for my TV and to hide the audio equipment, before I hung the TV on the wall.  Since then, this ginormous piece has moved to my dining room.  Which I love.  But I wanted something new, so instead of buying another piece.. I just painted the one I had.

I mostly choose neutral colors when I paint.  So, if you choose to move the furniture around the house, there is never a problem introducing the piece into an existing room.

Even though this looks like a monstrosity, it really only took me about a solid day, chalk painting, distressing, and waxing.

This is the piece before…


Still beautiful.. solid wood.


You will notice after the first coat, the wood is still present.


After the second coat of Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I highlighted the edges with very light strokes of duck egg blue and the usual distressing with the sand block.

The details of this particular piece happen to be beautiful.


So, if there is a piece.. and I am sure there is.. that you love but would love a little more..  Go for it! Grab a paint brush and some paint.. and get to it!

Let’s Build Memories… Right NOW?



Over the Memorial Day weekend we visited Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.  I have decided that we are going to take a lot more trips this year.  Why?  This is where so many memories are made.  When you take the time, just for downtime, you have the chance to actually enjoy your family without the day to day stress.

I can’t even tell you the madness that happens when you are part of my family… everyone has madness, but sometimes, I take it a bit over the edge.

Driving from South Florida to Savannah, is a little bit of a hike.. just under 7 hours.  We are not proclaimed road warriors, as I get ants in my pants about three hours in.  But this was even more insane.  Being that it was a Friday night.  We didn’t get on the road until 9pm.  This is the INSANITY!   I keep glancing at the GPS in the car and I am thinking.. NO WAY… THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT!



Yup, I even took a picture.  Anyone who has kids and husbands work..  You know the feeling.  Been up since 6am.. Now I am going to make a hike until 3am.  Knowing the driving truth.. After midnight, we are going to want to pullover and check into ANY hotel.. right that second.

An hour into the drive, I looked at my husband and said, “Babe, Can we turn around?  I don’t think we are going to make it.”

I am not going to lie, it felt like 10 hours, I even had the the GPS simultaneously running on my phone incase the car was wrong, but it is never wrong.

After a couple rest stops on 95 and a giant Starbucks Double Shot from a vending machine for my Husband, we made it.  But it was definitely closer to 4am.  Pulled up to the hotel, where the doors were locked.  The man heard me and came around and unlocked the door.  Once we checked into the Brice Hotel in Savannah, we pulled the blackout curtains, and collapsed into bed.


Talmadge Bridge, Savannah GA

View of Savannah, GA from Bridge

View of Savannah, GA from Bridge

Once we were up the next morning, we were glad that we continued on.  We went to breakfast downstairs and decided that the trip the night before,  was definitely worth the downtime for the next few days.

My Favorite a Magnolia Flower

My Favorite a Magnolia Flower

The Streets of Charleston, SC

The Streets of Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC


Not Everything Is Perfect…


Sometimes, this is exactly how I feel..

There has been so much going on.. Not going to start the list or complain.  I really try to just keep moving forward.. even if the sh*t’s knee deep.

I figure out the priorities and do what needs to be done… Sometimes over extending myself this includes my husband and sons..  With us crashing into bed at night exhausted…

Then we get up the next day and start our day fresh.  Doing whatever is possible.. and whatever is left.. will be left for another day.

Finally, one day you wake up.. and you made it.. To the other side.

Back to enjoying the peace and happiness… That I call my life.

What do they say?  “You can’t enjoy the sunshine without the rain?”

Adding a Mantel and TV to Our Fireplace…



So this is something that I have a conflict with…

I don’t think that esthetically, that a TV looks good over a fireplace.. BUT… When you have a very narrow living room as I do.. Having the space in the room is much more important or should I say needed.

When we purchased the house, it came with the working fireplace.  But, it never had a mantel.  Just moulding around the fireplace.  So when we decided to hang the TV above the fireplace, it look ridiculous without a mantel.

So I bought this Mantel from a Vintage Salvage Shabby Chic store locally in South FL.  As you can see it was quite a production.


There was no support for the bracket to hang the TV.  Therefore, a hole had to be cut into the drywall..  I must say this part made me nervous.  The contractor affixed wood to the studs.  Once it was secure, he then installed the TV bracket.


Even at this point.. I still was convinced that I did not make the right move.  To be honest.. I told my husband, I think we should take it down, put back the drywall, and move the TV back onto the sideboard where it use to reside on.


But then, I found this gorgeous mantel.. and it made everything soooo much better!  It began to complete the look.

The holes were patched, sanded, and painted.  We installed the molding around the mantel and I suddenly became pleased.



And maybe even, in love…


SOLD! Vintage Distressed Chalk Painted Desk in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue


Look at this beauty.. Picked it up at an antique store and then gave it some love.


I used AS Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue. I lightly distressed and waxed it.



For Sale: $375


Oh Christmas Tree…

Christmas Tree 2014

It is that time of year.  The time we love and love to hate.

I love the idea of Christmas, the holidays, and all of the giving of gifts..

But loving the to do list is another question.

This cute little tree my husband picked up from the local Home Depot, has been hiding in the mop bucket full of water in our garage for almost a week.

I love the idea of the Christmas Tree, but bringing it in, all the needles fallen all over the nicely cleaned floors, then to put the strand of  lights on the tree that you for forgot to throw out last year because they didn’t work.  Yes, we all become frustrated.

But after begging for help to decorate and asking the toddler a million times to stop dropping and breaking the glass ornaments on your new floors..  I stop and take a minute to breathe.  To realize that this is the joy of it all and everything is okay.

After all that it’s all over, and you look up and the tree is done! And, we are loving the look and the smell of Christmas.

Ohhh Black Friday…



So Thanksgiving has come and gone.. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

For those of us that are still in our pajamas… We know exactly what has gone down today.

Shopping.. Yes Shopping!

No, No, my friend.. We are not talking about running out to the stores immediately after Thanksgiving to find that spectacular deal.. Nope.  We are talking about waking up first thing this morning jumping on the macbook, and scouring the internet for every gift for every person we had in mind.

So far it’s worked out ok.. Yes, there were some deals.  But for what I wanted… only a few were on sale, the others were not.  But did that stop me.. Not so much!

I bought and bought everything I wanted to buy everyone whether on sale or not.. You know why?  Because, I WANT CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE.. FINITO!

So, now that I have most of it done..  I am now going to shower and act like a normal person on a Friday.. Hopefully hop off the computer for the rest of the day..

Unless of course,  I get that one email that temps me to jump right back on to continue to buy!



Having New Wood Floors Installed?? What No One Tells You… That Your House Will Look Like This!!!

So, I have been busy..  Obviously not busy chalk painting..

We have been discussing, deciding, and moving forward with getting hardwood floors installed throughout our entire house.  We started this process back in June.  After lots of looking, we have decided on a distressed white hardwood floor.  We wanted something made in the states and not in China like the other much more affordable wood floors are made.  This said, we placed an order online for Anderson Pickle Barrel Hardwood then had the wood shipped from South Carolina to us in South Florida.

We decided on the lighter floors, because most of our house does not have enough light and a darker floor would only make the rooms appear that much darker.

So about two weeks ago, we had the wood delivered, 65 cartons of it or so.  The shipping company dropped off two pallets of wood in the driveway and my oldest son and husband took it in carton by carton. That alone was an experience.

Before the wood is installed it must sit in the house for a week prior for it to become acclimated to the climate of the house.  Thus, giving my living room a new look..


As you can see, things immediately become cramped.. Yes, space is optional and limited.

So the subcontractors (guys) started ripping out the carpet and installing the wood upstairs Monday.  In the baby’s nursery, hallway, loft, and yesterday finally my oldest son’s room.

So the fun part.. We are excited for the new floors… But NOT excited with what our little adventure has brought us….


Our loft, most of finished.. but as you can see.. It’s upside down..




Our oldest son’s room AKA the Dungeon, it’s a fun room because of the huge bookshelf that encompasses most of his room, the subs have been avoiding this room all week.

The guys couldn’t get his brand new bed apart.. so they decided to flip it on it’s side! That’s what normal people do… Right?


We know you want this to happen in your house!!


Now it’s time for the good news or the bad news..

So… I am an optimistic..

The good news..

Is that the baby’s nursery is done!! Yay!


The bad news…

Is that today is Thursday and the job was to be completed by tomorrow, Friday.. But, the Subs aren’t here yet this morning to continue installing the floor, the upstairs is not completed, and downstairs or the stairs haven’t been touched.. And tomorrow is Friday!

Realistically, we will have them here through the weekend and probably early next week.

With that.. I will post more pics next week!

Have a great weekend!

Vintage Story Books Wall Decor… For The Nursery

I had a bare wall, the final one left, in our toddler’s room that needed something, almost anything…  But not the ordinary boring baby/toddler decor.  We wanted wall decor that stands out from the rest and as always tasteful.

Most of the items in the nursery are custom from the crib bedding, the origami cranes hanging above the crib, the painted and distressed dresser and other things I have picked up..

Vintage Story Books " Read to Me" by J&J Modern Kids http://shop.jandjdesigngroup.com/products/read-to-me-vintage-storybook-letters

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids



Our nursery/toddler's bedroom..  Bare Wall

Our nursery/toddler’s bedroom.. Bare Wall


I, like you, are inundated with home ideas from Pinterest, Facebook, and Emails.  This idea came from the other fun home design website Houzz.

I knew it was perfect when I saw it… Read to Me, Vintage Story Book Letters by J&J Modern Kids. $80


I was so excited to put them up as soon as they arrived.

We used very small nails and a laser to make sure that the letters were lined up straight and centered on the wall.

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids http://shop.jandjdesigngroup.com/products/read-to-me-vintage-storybook-letters

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids http://shop.jandjdesigngroup.com/products/read-to-me-vintage-storybook-letters

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids

Look how great they look once they are up.

Each letter looks as if it is made from a hard board book page.

It gives it the nice vintage but custom look that we were looking for.

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids http://shop.jandjdesigngroup.com/products/read-to-me-vintage-storybook-letters

Vintage Story Books ” Read to Me” by J&J Modern Kids

If I were to add anything to it, it would be a small bookshelf at the bottom, the width of the largest word or longer.  Maybe use a pallet shelf or the gutter shelf.  Something unique and put a few books below.

We loved how it came out and knowing how little time it took..  It’s a nice easy addition.